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Real Skinny Medical Weight Loss Stories

Lost 9.5lbs in 4 Weeks*

After two weeks on this plan I had lost 5lbs! But, more impressive to me is they are really helping me with my workouts. I feel energised! Not only that but I’m eating carbs and kitkats!!! They are really good at keeping you full.

In one month on skinny medical I have Lost 9.5 lbs which is great as I am training and tend to hang on to weight as I Gain muscle. I’ve still got a long way to go but I think this is my new plan to stick to! It’s so simple and full of all the things I love including kitkats Yum!

I really enjoy the plan. I find unlike other plans I can train whilst being on this. As I have lots of energy which I find really make a difference.

After 1 Month On Skinny Medical*

I picked possibly the worst 30 days to take this course of tablets and to stick to a healthy eating pattern – there was my birthday, my best friend’s engagement party, we visited friends down South, it was Halloween… I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much cake or eaten out so frequently. So I wasn’t expecting great things from these tablets.

But regardless of all that, the tablets have had a considerable effect. It seems like these are the perfect option for people who want to lose weight but don’t have the time to go to the gym and stick to a diet plan.

They seem to have worked wonders given the unusually unhealthy few weeks I have had.

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Lost half a stone in 4 Weeks*

If you’re good at remembering to take pills and you have the patience for the diet plan, I really recommend this. I had zero side effects and maximum results. I appreciated how beautifully designed and simple to use the website was – that kinda thing gives me faith in a company and a product. If that doesn’t swing it, there’s a 30 day 100% money back guarantee!

As you can see in my before and after pictures, I have lost weight (over half a stone in fact!), at a healthy rate, and felt great whilst doing it! I didn’t have to change much about my actual diet and I even made it a record month without a McDonalds (if you know me, you’ll know that’s an incredible feat!). Finally, and I don’t want to get too excited incase I scare them off, I can almost see the beginning of abs – here’s hoping!

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After 1 Month On Skinny Medical*

After taking various weightloss tablets over the past 6 months I thought I’d take Skinny Medical after reading about them online. To be honest I was hoping for the best but expecting the worse, nothing else i’d taken had worked so I doubted these would. I was wrong, after a month of taking these I have lost 7lbs without putting in too much effort, fantastic!

I’ve still been able to have my once (okay sometimes twice) weekly take-away and only exercise 3 times a week on a good week. Everyone says they can see the change in my body and I genuinely feel a lot more energized! The came really quick so when next months supply run out I will definitely not hesitate
to buy some more!

So – minimal effort, maximum result! It’s a win, win really!.

After 1 Month On Skinny Medical*

I was very sceptical when I first placed an order as I have tried various diet pills to aid loss weight before, but none of them worked.

However, I started a healthy diet and evening jogs to lose weight and decided that Skinny Medical capsules could be of a great help. In just 4 weeks, I managed to lose almost a stone! Although we all know that magical pills don’t exist and you need to put the work in, I found that they do keep me energised and more importantly, decrease my cravings throughout the day.

All in all, I would advise this to anyone who is dieting and just needs this little extra to go it to try and I will be definitely using the product again!

Lost 2st 3lbs in 4 Months*

I have just finished taking the full 4 month supply of skinny medical tablets. It is amazing. After 1 month I had lost 1st and after the whole term I lost an incredible 2st 3lbs. The plan is great and allows you to vary your diet, you can even have a few naughty days. I am always very busy and find little time to be able to work out but even so Skinny Medical has worked wonders for me. Before I was so ashamed about how I looked but Skinny Medical has helped me improve that and I now feel much more confident.

The appetite suppression ability is out of this world, I was even surprised sometimes with how little would fill me, eg, fruit smoothie for breakfast, tin of tuna for lunch then a healthy dinner, always drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
I would recommend this amazing product to anyone.!!

After 1 month with Skinny Medical*

I’m not one of those people who worries so much about what the scales say. I simply go on how I feel when I look in the mirror – and right now I feel brilliant! I ordered just the 60 capsule months supply, it came really quickly and the packaging is compact so it fit through my letterbox without any hassle.

Not only do these pills do the obvious thing of helping you lose weight, they give you so much more energy to get out there and exercise! I’ve never been a sporty person, but I’d drag myself to the gym twice a week. Lately, I’ve been looking forward to it. The progress you see motivates you to make more progress, I’m not at all disappointed.